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*Racyics® 0.4V foundation IP available on makeChip

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What is makeChip?

makeChip is the innovative Hosted Design Service Platform (HDSP) developed by Racyics®. Targeted for start-ups, SMEs, research institutes and universities, the makeChip is a central gateway to design integrated circuits based on advanced semiconductor technologies.

The platform provides IT infrastructure with a full set of EDA tool installations and technology data setup, i.e. PDKs, foundation IP, complex IP. All tools and design data are linked by Racyics’ silicon proven design flow and project management system. The turnkey environment enables any makeChip customer to realize complex System on Chips in the most advanced technology nodes. Racyics supports makeChip customers by on-demand design services, such as digital layout generation, tape-out sign-off execution and many more.

Access to makeChip is maintained via secured remote login to a virtual UNIX desktop optimized for integrated circuit design. It allows highly interactive graphic design tasks like custom analogue layout generation.

Racyics’ foundry access service helps makeChip customers to send their integrated circuit designs directly to GLOBALFOUNDRIES® fabs for manufacturing. This includes small area MPW contributions (< 9mm²) to advanced nodes like 22FDX®.

What is makeChip?

For non-commercial academic projects, makeChip access includes a complete suite of advanced Cadence EDA tool licences without additional costs. The comprehensive tool set enables design work in all GLOBALFOUNDRIES® technologies including double pattern nodes like 22FDX®. For commercial projects, EDA vendors are ready to discuss appropriate license models.

Focus on Disruptive 22FDX® Technology Features

Focus on Disruptive 22FDX® Technology Features

GLOBALFOUNDRIES® 22FDX® is a game changing technology node offering higher energy efficiency at lower costs compared to the predominating CMOS bulk technologies from 65nm down to 28nm.

Racyics pushes this even further: disruptive 22FDX® technology features allow solutions unparalleled in any other semiconductor technology, and enable completely new applications! For example, 22FDX® technology opens a design space for ultra-low voltage supply down to 0.4V, reducing energy consumption by more than 75% while maintaining reliability and yield.

Racyics started to develop 22FDX® 0.4V foundation IP components in July 2016. Initial Design Kit (9t-CNRX Std-Cell Library; multi Vt options) is available. Silicon validation is ongoing and will be finished in Q4 2017. Especially academic institutions are called to become early adopters of this 0.4V foundation IP to research its capabilities and to explore new application ideas, which would be impossible based on state-of-the-art approaches.

8 Reasons Why to Work on makeChip

  1. Reliable IT infrastructure (adaptable to project needs)
  2. Maintained technology setup (PDKs, foundation/complex IPs)
  3. Exhaustive EDA tool installations
  4. Integrated design flow and project management system (silicon proven)
  5. Support covering technology, EDA tool and design flow
  6. Free 22FDX® design training courses for makeChip customers
  7. Racyics’ 0.4V foundation IP for 22FDX®
  8. Professional on-demand design enablement services

5 Steps to Your 22FDX® Samples

Request makeChip AccessRequest makeChip Access
Sign 3-Way NDASign 3-Way NDA(Customer/Racyics/GLOBALFOUNDRIES)
Login to makeChip and Start 22FDX® DesignLogin to makeChip and Start 22FDX® Design
Tape-Out 22FDX® MPW ContributionTape-Out 22FDX® MPW Contribution
Receive 22FDX® Silicon SamplesReceive 22FDX® Silicon Samples

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